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There are more than 750 car parking spaces available at KITEC to accommodate drivers.  


Parking Facility (750 parking space available)
Hourly : HK$ 20
KITEC/E-Max Free Parking Privilege
Shoppers are entitled to one hour of free parking upon consumption of HK$100 (only one printed receipt is accepted) and two hours upon consumption of HK$200 (maximum 2 printed receipts from different shops are accepted) at E-Max, and maximum 2 hours of free parking can be entitled.
Please refer to posters for terms & conditions.

Electric Charging Services

Electric Vehicle Charging Station located at B2 Floor and provides 18 chargers for public access:

Standard (13A) Charger:
4 nos.
Super Charger for Tesla:
8 nos.
Medium Charger for Tesla:
6 nos.

** please refer to posters for terms & conditions.